Download the Checklist

Forms specific to new clients:
☐ Last 1-3 years prior tax returns if possible.
☐ Social Security numbers and date of birth for each filer.
☐ Home address, email addresses and cell phone numbers for each filer.
☐ Dependents/children require Social Security Cards and date of birth.
☐ State refund amount for prior year. If no prior tax return is present.

Forms for ALL clients returning and new:
☐ Banking information for all Direct payments or debits. (name of institution, routing & account numbers)
☐ Wage (W2) income.
☐ Unemployment (1099-G) if applicable
☐ Retirement, Pension income or RMD’s (1099-R) if applicable.
☐ Social Security (1099) if applicable.
☐ Door dash, Lyft or Uber income 1099-NEC
☐ Interest or Dividend from bank.
☐ Cashed Municipal or Savings Bond.
☐ Year end retirement packet with 1099-DIV and 1099-INT and stock sales or trades.
☐ Gambling, lottery, bingo, or other prizes won. Bring a logbook of losses/$ spent incurred for session losses.
☐ K-1 from a Trust, Partnership, Corporate Returns or Estate if applicable.
☐ Income from Tips if applicable.
☐ Self-employment income along with expense and profit and loss statements if applicable.
☐ Rental income along with expenses if applicable.
☐ Foreign Income if applicable.
☐ MN onetime tax credit (Gov Walz Money) 1099
☐ Alimony paid or received and the date of divorce.
☐ 1099-K from Venmo, PayPal, Stripe, Square, Google Pay, Cash app, Apple Pay ETC.
☐ 1099-Misc form
☐ 1095-A for Marketplace Insurance (Obama Care)
☐ Income from another state.
☐ Information if you paid or received a gift for over $17,000

Additional Adjustments, Deductions and Credits (if applicable):
☐ Dependent daycare costs.
☐ Education, tuition, and materials.
☐ Donations made to a 529 plan.
☐ Charitable Contributions cash and non-cash donations.
☐ Medical expenses are only required if you had an extreme amount spent over $13,000 single 27,000 for married.
☐ Mortgage interest 1098-T or Renters Credit CRP
☐ Real Estate taxes if you own your home.
☐ Education Providers list of personal out of pocket spending for classroom.
☐ Business in home information for non-W2 work if you work from home and receive a 1099-Misc
☐ Total square footage of home, square footage of designated office space. Utilities, internet, phone advertising, asset list.
☐ Estimated tax payments made for both Federal and State and if payment made at time of extensions and the dates paid, if applicable.
☐ Charitable Contribution cash and non-cash these are deductible for state.
☐ IRA Contributions made out of pocket not on W2
☐ Qualifying Residential energy credits for new Doors, Windows Geothermal etc.
☐ Qualifying Electric Vehicle purchase.
☐ Home sale or purchase closing documents and moving expenses if applicable.